Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do you think I can apply a relaxer in my own hair?

Do you think I could safely apply a relaxer in my own hair? I mean how hard can it really be part the hair and put the relaxer on the roots and not on the scalp section it and smooth it out soo that the hair get softer and even gently comb it to take the knots out how hard is that would I actually end up damaging my own hair that's what i'm somewhat scared of ? I mean is it really that hardDo you think I can apply a relaxer in my own hair?
DO NOT DO IT AT HOME! I am a professional hairdresser, I can assure u it's not as easy as it looks %26amp; I have even seen disasters in the salon! such as hair breaking off from the roots. I wouldn't recommend doing it urself even if u did have qualifications %26amp; a sound knowledge of the process %26amp; chemicals involvedDo you think I can apply a relaxer in my own hair?
Its not hard, but you have to know what you're doing.

Sometimes it helps to observe others doing their own, or watch the youtube videos.

Then you have to consider yourself, can you really stand that long with your arms above your head, cause you've gotta get it worked in so it can process and achieve successful results. You have to dedicate the time to do it right.

So read all the instructions twice before you begin, get all the products, supplies and tools together in one area if you plan on taking your hair into your own hands.
Well sometimes it's dangerous because people leave it in for to long and then it burns their roots, maybe hair is to weak. just try not to use it all if not necessary, use sparingly if you like. I use it all the time at home nothing bad has happened, you should ask a friend to come and help or go to the hair dresser. For me I'll only go for a touch up because it can be pricey.
I do not advise home relaxing kits.

I suggest you go to the salon and get the Japanese straightening method.

It will stay perfectly pin straight for at least a year.

Its more expensive but you will leave with your hair in a much healthier condition than when you first walk in.

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